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Bathtub refinishing cost is much less than you might expect.

It is much more time efficient and cost-effective to refinish or reglaze an existing bathtub than it is to remove and reinstall a new one. Plus, there most likely is nothing wrong with your bathtub other than minor damage and discoloration from mineral, rust, or oxidation. The vast majority of the bathtubs that are refinsihed are structurally fit. Therefore, for most situations, cosmetic renewal can rejuvenate and create a beautiful brand new finish for your tub. Often times, it’s not just the bathtub itself that is refinished, but the tile or fiberglass surround as well.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub reglazing, bathtub re-enameling or bathtub resurfacing is the process of restoring a damaged, stained, or discolored bathtub to a like-new finish. Minor repairs can be made to cracked and chipped surfaces using a polyester finishing and blending putty or body filler. There are multiple steps to professional refinishing.


First, the substrate is prepared for the refinishing process.

This includes repairing minor damage as well as preparing the substrate for adhesion of the epoxy primer and acrylic top coats. This is done by using a mild acid etching solution to provide a porous surface to promote a mechanical bond. Etching is used for surfaces such as cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, tile, granite, marble, and stone.  For surfaces such as fiberglass, laminate, acrylic, and plastic, sanding with a 180 or 320 grit sandpaper is used. The epoxy primer – ULTRAGRIP 4000 – is specially designed to be ultra-resistant to moisture.


Next, the surface is primed for a mechanical bond.

Next, two to three coats of epoxy primer is applied to the substrate in order to prepare the surface for the finishing top coats. This further ensures the adhesion of the final product and promotes long life and durability of the new finish.


Finally, the acrylic top coat(s) are applied to the primed surface.

The 24-hour cure acrylic urethane coating is sprayed using a HVLP compliant paint system powered by an air turbine compressor. For white or flat colored coatings, Hawk Research Labs’ GLAS-TECH 9100 is applied with one or two coats, and for faux stone surface coatings Hawk Research Labs’ Stone-Fleck Green Line Ultra is applied with one or two coats and a final GLAS-TECH 9100 clear coat.

Give Your Bathtub a New Life!

Refinishing your bathtub will give it a clean and bright “brand new” look. It’s safe, quick, and a very cost effective solution to give your bathroom a refresh. Are you planning to remodel your bathroom on your own? It can feel like an overwhelming task. Just ripping out the tile and bathtub is a big job in itself. Then there is the cost of replacing it. Good news is, a bathroom remodel can be much easier and much less expensive than you think. In fact, refinishing your bathtub, surround, sink, countertops – and even the floor! – can save you thousands of dollars on your remodel.

Nearly any surface can be professionally refinished. Including:

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