Granite Polishing and Resurfacing

Has your granite countertop lost its original luster? We can restore your granite countertops to their original beauty.

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Professional granite restoration will return the factory shine and finish to your countertops.

If you have tried buffing and polishing your granite countertops and have achieved only marginal or short lived results you are not alone. Topical compounds and spray polishes promise results but fall short on delivering – because they are just that, topical. Delivering a factory grade honed or polished finish requires your stone to be finished the same way it was originally finished – with resin bond diamond polishing pads and professional abrasive polishing agents. Nothing you can “apply” to your granite will deliver the same luster and shine as the natural stone itself can provide. In fact, when done right, there should be no topical residue of any kind on your stone surface.

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How does resurfacing and polishing work?

Granite resurfacing, also known as granite polishing and granite refinishing, is the process of restoring a granite surface to its original, factory beauty. Granite is a very popular stone choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities not only for its rich color and natural finish, but also for its durability and resistance to scratches and damage. Granite is a very hard stone, with much less porosity than marble. Given it is a natural stone and there are hundreds, even thousand of types and sources, the inherent resiliance of each stone can vary. There are two typical forms of impairment to a granite countertop finish. The most typical form of visible impairment to the stone is either "wear" in form of scratches from knives, dishes, pots and pans, or hard water damage near and around sinks. Both can be easily remedied with professional resurfacing.


First, the damaged areas are resurfaced with resin bond diamond pads.

The first step in our process is to
repair the damaged area by cutting the stone. This is a VERY fine cut. Depending on the depth of the damage, we “wet sand” the area starting typically with a 400 or 800 grit resin bond diamond pad. From here we work up to a 1800 grit pad and then a 3400 grit finishing pad for the entire surface.


Next, the entire surface is polished with a professional abrasive compound.

The whole of your granite countertop surface is polished using a proprietary blend of polishing agents and abrasives specially formulated for serpentine, mercantile granite and granite. This is applied using a variable speed polishing tool and a hogs hair pad. This process is wet to dry and requires considerable pressure on the pad for efficacy.


Finally, an impregnating sealer is applied to ensure the stone is sealed.

All stones are porous at some level, though many are more porous than others. When properly done, by the time we reach this final step, nearly all of your surface is impregnable. The stone itself, through the polishing process is sealed naturally. However, to be completely sure we apply an impregnating sealer, to saturation, on the stone. Once the excess sealer has been removed from the surface, the job is complete!

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Environmentally safe countertop refinishing.

Ideal Refinishing uses environmentally friendly low VOC materials. All workspaces are properly sealed and ventilated with a portable fume extraction exhaust unit. The safety and health of your household and our employees is extremely important to us.

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Years of use can diminish the finish of your granite countertops. Small scratches from pans, knives, dishes and hard water can erode the surface and cause the area to appear dull or even damaged. Ideal Refinishing professionals are just that – professionally trained stone experts. We know just what to do to restore your countertops to their original hone or luster. We come to you for a free in-home consultation, estimate, explanation of our process, and instructions for proper surface care.

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