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Is your tile shower, surround, countertop or backsplash ready for a refresh? Before you take the time and spend the money to replace it - consider refinishing your tile!

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Why Tile Resurfacing and Reglazing?

Tile showers, surrounds, countertops and backsplashes can be beautiful. Ideal Refinishing tile resurfacing and reglazing will revitalize your bathroom or kitchen and make your tile "brand new" again.

Tile surrounds, showers and countertops can be beautiful. Especially when they are clean and free from blemishes, oxidation, and stains. However, since tile is often use most for environments where water is used and moisture is constant – these tile surfaces can become dingy, moldy and stained. Especially along the grout lines.

Truly, something that was once very attractive and clean can feel dirty and old. But before you decide to rip it out and re-tile, consider refinishing. Not only does it bring the life back to your tile and make it “like new” again – but it also seals the grout lines, creating a much better water barrier for the substrate beneath, and makes keeping the entire surface clean and fresh a breeze.

Your tile might be in great shape. But does it reflect the look and style that you want for you kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you’ve just purchased a new home, or maybe you are just ready for a change. Refinishing tile is exciting. There are so many options for colors or faux stone to choose from! Ideal Refinishing is a Hawk Research Lab Certified professional company – and Hawk is THE leading manufacturer of professional coatings in the business.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of tearing up the tile in your bathroom and waiting weeks until you can use it again? Painting bathroom tiles is an option, but not one most people are happy with. Reglazing and refinishing your current tile is the easy, quick way to go. Don’t replace it – refinish it!

Tile Refinishing – Showers, Surrounds, Countertops

Let’s talk about your bathroom tiles. When they were first installed, the tiles had a shiny, finished quality that dulled because of use. Now you’re faced with a question, should I replace my tile or have it refinished?

When we talk about tile refinishing, we’re actually talking about tile reglazing. When you reglaze tile, you’re working with a variety of tools that will restore the tile to a “like new” state. To be honest, tile reglazing isn’t as complicated, or pricey, as it sounds. In fact, it’s an excellent alternative to replacing your bathroom tile.

If you want a durable finish with surface gloss, tile professional refinishing is the way to go. Why? Do-it-yourself bathroom tile refinishing kits seem like the easy and most cost effective route. However, simple spray on enamels or rolled on epoxies don’t cover the surface easily – and most will quickly peel and flake if not properly applied.

"Thank you so much! We love our new bathroom. Everything looks fantastic."

- Renee Guckert, Baltimore MD

Turn Your Dingy Old Bathroom Into a Showroom!

Forget about replacing bathroom tile, or having your old bathroom ripped up replaced. Save time and money by having us reglaze your tiles. The process is simple, environmentally friendly – and costs much less than replacing your tiles!

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Nearly Any Surface Can be Professionally Refinished. Including:

What is Tile Refinishing?

Simply put, tile refinishing is another term for tile reglazing.

Dirt, oils, grease, and soap scum can dull the surface of your tiles. When we reglaze a tile surround, shower or countertop, we’re essentially giving it a new finish and increasing its life and durability. The added benefit is your grout lines are cleaned and sealed for future ease of care and cleanliness. You’re going to be astounded by the results!

Our Tile Refinishing Process

So now that you know the benefits of tile refinishing and reglazing, we want to tell you about our process.

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  • First, the people in charge of our tile reglazing department are experienced professionals. They have been screened by our human resources department, and given intense training from our experts. You’ll never have to worry about our personnel damaging your home while reglazing bathroom tile. They will treat your house like it’s their own.
  • After preparing your bathroom for the job, we’ll take a look at any minor surface damage to your tiles. Cracks and chips will be repaired with Bondo or a similar material. We’ll also take a close look at the grout, and fill in any bumps or holes. All of these steps are taken to ensure a surface that’s receptive to the reglazing process.
  • Next comes acid etching with a surface primer. Reglazing compounds are comprised of urethanes, polymers, and epoxies that can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on so the surface is completely, and evenly, covered.
  • This mild acid etching solution creates a porous surface that yields a mechanical bond. Before this step, we will sand the bathroom tile with a 180 320 grit sandpaper. Ideal Finishing solely uses ULTRAGRIP 4000 because it’s designed to create a permanent bond that keeps out water and moisture.
  • Epoxy primer is then applied, usually two to three coats, which ensures adhesion. This step will also help promote a new, shiny finish that will breathe new life into your bathroom. In fact, you and other visitors will have a hard time believing this isn’t new tile!

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