Don’t Do It Yourself! Hire a Pro for Your Bathtub Refinishing Project!

Bathtub refinishing can bring new life to a bathroom, and increase its value.

Realtors constantly say that the rooms that help sell a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. So obviously a refinished bathtub is a quality investment.

You may be considering a do it yourself project, which can be rewarding and cost saving, but before you run out to your nearest hardware store or check out “how to” videos online, you may want to consider the intricacy of a bathtub refinishing project.

First, you’ll have to create a workspace, which means taking apart your bathroom and moving everything – towels, racks, shelves, and any other knick knacks – in to another room. You might as well plan to clean all of these items, because no matter how clean the house, you’ll always find dust.

And let’s face it, you might be handy around the house – but you have lots of other time commitments – so completing your bathtub refinishing project in a day or over the weekend may not be possible. You’ll have to make other plans in regard to showering or bathing, if you don’t have an extra bathroom this could be a big problem!

Working on the bathtub is going to require a variety of necessary products

…including chemicals, applicators, sponges and a more than a few hand tools.

Any bathtub refinishing project project starts with removing the excess caulk and other built up materials, which include fungus, mold, and soap scum.

If you have a porcelain tub, you’ll need to use harsh cleaning chemicals so that your bathtub refinishing gets off to the right start. Scrubbing and buffing the surface is a crucial step, if there’s too much dirt or rough surfaces, the refinishing chemicals won’t be able to bond properly.

Most professional bathtub refinishing companies use a two-step method.

The first step requires the application of chemicals that clean away rust and mineral deposits. Hopefully you’re stocked up on plenty of elbow grease! After this has been applied and washed away, get ready for step two.

The step two chemicals are designed to loosen body oils, soap scum, and other materials that build up over time. The bonding properties of this type of dirt can be incredibly strong, which could result in repeated applications and extra work and time spent on the bathtub refinishing project.

After the chemicals have been washed away, you’ll need to visit the hardware store for filler material and apply it to any nicks and scrapes on the tub. As you can see, bathtub refinishing is a long process. Buffing out the leftover filler, also referred to as resin, requires the proper tools and creates a lot of dust and debris.

The final step in bathtub refinishing is the painting…

…and you won’t be applying it with a roller or brush – not if you want the finished product to look clean and professional. Renting an airbrush unit and the proper clothes makes this step one of the most tedious. After the paint has dried, the bathtub refinishing process is complete, and you can move everything back in to the bathroom.

Clearly, bathtub refinishing is a lengthy, work intensive do it yourself project. Regardless of your skill level, there is always a chance for mistakes. In some cases, you could be adding more work to the actual job! In the mean time, you have invested money in materials, tools, and rental equipment. And the other precious commodity – time – is something you can never get back.

Of course, you can always go with a bathtub refinishing service that’s owned and operated by experienced professionals. They’ll bring the equipment and materials, properly seal off the bathroom, and then get to work. Thanks to their experience, the job will usually take a day or two, and afterwards you’ll have a bright, clean bathtub that compliments your entire house!